Does your clinic need an extra pair of hands?

Automate bookings with a simple and powerful ezyVet integration

To cater for their busy lives, clients increasingly demand fast, easy booking systems – ones that allow them to make appointments quickly, and when it suits them.

That’s what Virtual Vet Nurse offers ezyVet clinics. It provides real-time integration with ezyVet, allowing clients to make bookings without having to log-in to the portal or remember passwords.

With calendar access, our integration is easily set up to suit your clinic’s preferred booking systems.

Virtual Vet Nurse give you the choice to:

  • auto or manual confirmation of appointments
  • buffer times between appointments
  • priority booking or weekend surcharges
  • advance booking time-frame preferences
  • new client onboarding
    (or existing clients only)
  • other clinic protocols
Virtual Vet Nurses’ AI-based conversations and capabilities offer comprehensive client support and significantly more functionality than other booking apps, often for a much lower price.
Your Virtual Vet Nurse can remember your client’s details for future bookings, offering a personalized concierge experience.
Virtual Vet Nurse can also offer and manage real-time bookings during conversations around health care, or while delivering health surveys. (For instance, during a conversation around fleas or worms, the Virtual Vet Nurse can offer a ‘book now’ option).

The Virtual Vet Nurse/ezyVet booking facility
was launched in July 2022, and clients are
consistently giving excellent feedback.
(5-star user experience ratings).



Booking Integration

Clinic benefits

Real-time calendar integration

Customisable diary, vets/availability

Gives health advice with bookings*

Promotes clinic's products & services

Multiple other integrations, e.g. e-comm**

Zero clinic input for bookings made (optional)***

User statistic reports

Fixed price regardless of clinic users

Works on website & Facebook Messenger

Client/user benefits

Portal & password free

Personalised, remembers client/pet names

Offers guided booking alternatives as needed

Full conversational AI

Full front desk functionality

Includes Digital Human experience

Directs to clinic's emergency/AH options

Connects direct to live chat/telemed****

Virtual Vet Nurse integration with ezyVet offers an improved customer experience while saving front desk time. All with minimal setup and maintenance.